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Finding beauty, joy, & goodness amidst seasons of unexpected change

Many of us throughout the nation are struggling to adapt at the changes in our lives of being “officially quarantined." I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to keep pace with all the many changes that are occurring daily — being told our kids are not supposed to return to their classes and schools, being told that we need to stay away from others, and ‘social distance’ ourselves 6 feet from others suddenly, and not return to our places of employment, being told to avoid handshaking or gathering with friends and family. It has been a shock to walk into the local grocery market only to find shelves once stocked with all of our favorite foods suddenly empty….it’s absolutely mind-blowing for anyone to make sense of it all….Much less accept that this is a new reality that we are living in….We’re all in a collective shock….

As a therapist, I have had the humbling privilege of walking alongside people through some of the most difficult, jarring, and life-altering moments of their lives, and I’m sure this recent Coronavirus quarantine is one of those life-altering moments many of us will undoubtedly remember for the rest of our lives.

This, I do know, that in the past few weeks of having our lives flipped upside down, I have been witness to some of the most beautiful moments between families, neighbors, and the community in which I live. I have seen people who struggle to like their children, and connect with their children, able to truly cherish, smile, laugh with, and connect with their children in play; neighbors and people living with relational chasms between one another, reaching out to one another (albeit at a distance of 6 feet) to talk with one another; and most of all, people are reflecting upon the state of their souls and grapple with issues of faith.

It’s this beauty I've witnessed, through the stresses of the rationing of food, paper goods, and cleaning supplies, that makes me have faith that “this (season) too will pass," and we will get through this, and we can find beauty amidst this uncertain and very unexpected season of change. I'll never forget the nugget of wisdom one of my mentors once shared: blessed are the flexible--be willing to adapt to your circumstances, albeit it difficult, and you'll be able to better find the silver lining in challenging times. And when things don't go according to your plans on how to best cope through this, give yourself grace. There is no perfect way to deal with this, so look to acknowledge that and take steps to move forward.

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